Service and Maintenance

Once you have made the investment into your security system, you need to ensure that it is always working as designed. As with all electronic devices, occasionally they can go wrong or fail and they need to be repaired. By choosing a maintenance plan with Detection, you can ensure that this will be at a minimum as our Preventative measures are as comprehensive as possible, testing devices to ensure correct operation.

In the event of a problem, we offer a full 24 hour, 365 day a year response so you can rest assured that we will be with you as soon as possible, to help get your system back up and running.

We have invested into remote diagnostics and servicing, which means that our newer systems can be serviced and repaired without us having to attend site. This will keep your downtime to a minimum and ensure that you will not be kept waiting for an engineer at 3am on a wet Tuesday in February.

Simple changes like time and date or customer requests for audits and logs from systems can be accessed securely and emailed within minutes.

By choosing Detection Security, you are ensuring that your investment is safe and being looked after by experts.