Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarms were always seen as not as good as a wired system – not any more!

With the new technology offered by the Enforcer range from Castle Security, wireless systems now work in exactly the same way as a conventionally wired one. 2 way wireless technology allows the system to check the status of each device every time you set the system as well as offering unrivalled response from a wireless system. No more detectors going to sleep to conserve their battery life and improved range.

Wireless Alarm Systems FAQ

What are the benefits of a wireless burglar alarm?
It’s simple, no cables!!!!
When installing a wire-free alarm, your decor is not touched. No carpets are lifted, no floorboards being taken up. Your property will be exactly the same as it was before the installation.

Are wireless burglar alarms expensive?
With the progress of technology, there is no real price difference between a wired and wire-free burglar alarm system any more. On larger systems, wire-free can be cheaper!

What/How much of the burglar alarm system can be wireless?
Everything can be wire-free with the exception of one part, the connection to the mains electricity. detectors, keypads, sounders etc are all wire-free.

Will my car alarm / mobile phone / home WiFi  etc set the wireless alarm off?
No. Our wire-free intruder alarm systems work on a special frequency that is unique for the security industry and therefore any other devices will not cause the systems to activate.

Can i protect my outbuildings?
Yes, providing the building is within range (up to 200 meters away, subject to site inspection and signal strength testing). This allows the easy protection of garages, sheds, offices without the cost of having to get cables to them.

Can i add wireless detectors to my wired burglar alarm system?
Yes you can. By using a special wire free expander you can easily add wirefree detectors to your existing security systems.

Are wire-free burglar systems accepted by insurance companies?
Yes. They can be monitored by the Alarm Receiving Centre as well as they meet all the latest standards and regulations, meaning that your wireless system can generate a Police response if required.

If there are any other questions regarding wire-free security that you would like answered or if you would like to know more about our wire free burglar alarm systems then please feel free to contact us.